Vultures Connecting People is an initiative of the Black Vulture Conservation Foundation (BVCF) that aims to inform the general public, schools, conservationists, businesses and governments on the status of vultures in Europe and the rest of the world. Vultures, as species on the top of the pyramid and ecological food chains, are key environmental indicators to of the quality of our ecosystems, but are currently threatened worldwide by the proliferation of poisons and other toxic products, sanitary measures for epidemic prevention and regression of extensive husbandry. In the conservation of the vultures and the recovery of their populations are active several organisations from small organisations to international conservation organizations, corporations, individuals and governments, whether local, national or European. Some species, like the Egyptian vulture, are highly migratory, so for their protection international collaboration, as well with nations of Africa and Asia, is essential.

On this page you can learn about the initiatives developed by the Black Vulture Conservation Foundation, and other various entities that promote Vulture Conservation across Europe. Special attention is given to the island of Mallorca, home to the last island population of Black Vultures in the world, and where our foundation develops its local, national and international projects for over 25 years, with support from the governments of Spain and Balearic Islands, as well as many other European organizations, both public and private.

Our webpage “Vultures Connecting People”, will gradually approach a larger area in terms of geagraphy, cultures and ecosystems where the different species of vultures coexist with people of different species of vultures. We also hope this to be an effective tool for fundraising and atracting donations from individuals, foundations, organizations and companies that wish to support the conservation of vultures, and promote activities of cooperation and sustainable development worldwide.
We hope that this initiative will contribute to environmental education, supporting the conservation of vultures and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Yours sincerely,
Juan Jose Sanchez Artés
Foundation for the Conservation of the Black Vulture (BVCF)