Bulgarian and international NGOs, including BVCF, European zoos, Spanish and Bulgarian administrations and recently the European Commission through the project LIFE Nature, have been the drive behind the project  for the reintroduction of the Griffon Vulture into Bulgaria.

In 2010 BVCF sent 45 specimens of Griffon vulture to Bulgaria.  The specimens had been given by the autonomous communities of Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León, País Vasco and Navarra and then sent on to the Quarantine and Transfer Centre at BVCF in Mallorca.  After going through quarantine in origin to lessen the risk of exporting infectious diseases, as required for reintroduction projects by the directives of IUCN, they were transported and then handed over to the Wild Animal Centre in Stara Zagora.  Once the quarantine period in their place of destination had been completed, the birds were taken to the four places where they were to be released.

Vranchaska Planina Natural Park

Central Balkans National Park

Sinite Kamani Natural Park

Kotel Mountains

With international cooperation, Griffon vultures have now returned to the Bulgarian skies since those first releases in 2010.  Thanks are especially due to the Spanish Recuperation Centres who have specimens available and kindly transfer them to BVCF to be later set free in the Balkans.