Any person or company that wants to support the conservation of vultures and even want to help actively in the center can adopt a vulture.

By adopting a Vulture, your company contributes to the organisations BVCF and FVSM and expresses its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with the Conservation of the Tramuntana Mountain range and the biodiversity that it shelters.

In the same way, your company will help provide care and respond to the needs of each animal. It supports the conservation activities of the Black Vulture Conservation in Mallorca, where the last island population of this species in the world can be found.

Also, if you want to promote nature conservation within your circle of friends, partners and collaborators, adoption is an ideal way to promote it by giving the adoption to whom you want to involve in the conservation of our biodiversity.

  • You will receive a diploma from the Black Vulture Conservation Foundation and the Mediterranean Wildlife Conservation Foundation certifying your Corporate Social Responsibility in the field of Conservation of Biodiversity.
  • Sponsors will have an individual plate in the observatory in which annually hundreds of schoolchildren, high school and college students, tourists and citizens of Spain spend time.
  • You will receive regular news about the adopted Vulture and others.
  • You will receive a kit of videos and photos of the animal for free use.
  • In the website of “Vultures Connecting People” a link to your corporate website will be placed.
  • In the case of the establishment of a closed television canal, access will be provided to the Webcam as well as audiovisual material specific for that channel related on the biodiversity of Mallorca, national and international projects of the organisations.
  • Up to 25% of the donation is tax.
  • Collaboration of the entity will be properly disseminated in the press and communication media of the Black Vulture Conservation Foundation (BVCF) and the Mediterranean Wildlife Conservation Foundation (FVSM)

Annual amount of Adoption:

A black vulture: 1,500 € / year.

A pair of black vultures: 2,500 € / year

A Griffon Vulture: 1,000 €.

A pair of Griffon Vultures: 1,750 € / year

Nestling born at the center (to be released) or born in the wild:

Black vulture: 2,000 €

Griffon Vulture: 1,500 €

Below you can choose your favorite vulture:
Read more about each animal by clicking on its image.