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The WebCam “Vultures Connecting People” has two types of Members, Plenary Members and Sponsor Members. The financial contribution of both modalities are used to develop conservation actions including new cameras at feeding places and at Vulture colonies in different parts of Europe, where BVCF develops projects and works in collaboration with local institutions and administrations.

Plenary Partners will be able to view on your computer what happens in the “Observatory Ternelles” and record on his computer your most spectacular and interesting sequences. These videos may be submitted to the contest “Plenary Members Videos (PMV)” to choose the best video of the season. Each contest will coincide with the seasons. See Section Contest.

Sponsor Members will be able to control the camera from his computer at home. That is, the remote monitoring of vultures, the framing of recordings, focus, zoom, etc. Likewise, the Sponsor Member also can record and participate in the “Sponsor Members Videos (SPM)” with equal prize as the PMV, see Section Contest.